Autumn 2014

Dear friends and companions,

I hope, you had a nice summer.

My book "Die Geburt der Neugier aus dem Geist der Revolution - die Commedia dell'Arte als politisches Volkstheater" is selling very well. We almost sold two-thirds of the first edition. The editor says, it is remarkable for a book about theatre...


On 18. September Schlüterwerke's next opening will take place in Vienna at the Hundsturm Theatre. It is a contemporary adaptation of an original Bolivian baroque opera, composed by an anonymous Guarani Indian. We will perform it as "Contestations! San Ignacio - a jungle opera" with an additional text by Bodo Hell and music by Renald Deppe.


In October I will spend some time in Venice together wit the iranian mask artist Davoud Rashidi, who is going to learn the technique of building leather masks from my great friend and master Carlo Setti. Davoud will be the only iranian who will be able to employ this traditional way to make masks. This journey had been made possible by a group of friends of mine, whom I thank a lot!


In October the production "Cries & Birds", which I showed for the first time this spring in Freistadt/Upper Austria together with Johannes Hiemetsberger and his "Chorus sine nomine", will take place at the Wiener Konzerthaus.


In November I will be invited in Baku (Azerbaijan) at an International Theatre Conference, where I will talk about the Austrian Theatre- and Opera Scene.


In November will finally show the already third run of our production "Winter Journey - a forced march". We play on 6th., 7th and 9th of November at Brick 5 in Vienna. On the 8th we perform in "Kloster Und" for the International Köchel Society.

I would be delighted to welcome you at one of these occasions.

Sincerely yours

Markus Kupferblum

"Contestations! San Igancio - a jungle opera" Bodo Hell, Renald Deppe - Theater am Hundsturm, Vienna, 18.-28. September 2014, 20h

A contemporary baroque opera from Bolivia with a counter text by Bodo Hell and a counter music by Renald Deppe



Ulla Pilz, Ingala Fortagne, Andrea Köhler, Julia Schranz, Therese Cafasso, Bernd Lambauer, Florian Hackspiel, Béla Bufe



Capella con Durezza: Franziska Fleischhanderl, Irene Kepl, Sophia Goidinger-Koch, Matija Schellander und Renald Deppe


Stage direction and concept: Markus Kupferblum


Composer and conductor: Renald Deppe


Text: Bodo Hell


Stage design: Luise Czerwonatis


Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder

Masks: Edwin Loza Huarachi



Theater am Hundsturm, Vienna

Margaretenstraße 166, 1050 Vienna


Opening: 18. September 2014, 20h


Shows: 19., 20., 21. und 25., 26., 27. and 28. September 2014 at 20h


World premiere


„The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution – the story of the Commedia dell’Arte as Political Popular Theatre“, Facultas Editor, Vienna

After more than two years of research and writing my book about theatre, Commedia dell'Arte and my work, illustrated by Linde Waber, who produced these drawings especially for this bookhad been published and we already sold almost 2 thirds of the first edition.

It is called

The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution - the Commedia dell'Arte as political popular theatre

I thank everybody who supported me writing this book, especially Lydia Mischkulnig, Dr. Dinah Marin-Surkes and Johanna Jonasch, as well as my lector Andreas Deppe, Mag. Sabine Kruse and Mag. Thomas Stauffer of facultas.

"Winterjourney - a forced march" Brick 5, 6.11 - 9.11.2014, 20h, Kloster Und/Krems, 8.11.20h


Already for the third time we will go on a poetic journey into the lyric of Wilhelm Müller.  In doing so  Ingala Fortagne, Ulla Pilz, Andrea Köhler, Stephanie Schmiderer, Katharina Weinhuber and Bela Bufe will go on an adventural trip of poetry and will arrange the 24 poems of the songs from Franz Schubert in different ways. They will be accomponied by the pianist Donka Angatscheva, who will interpret the piano-transcription of the famous songs form Schubert by Franz Liszt on a grand piano.

You are welcome to join us on this wonderful and fragile evening!

Text: Wilhelm Müller, Miklós Radnóti
Music: Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt

Ensemble of Schlüterwerke:

Ulla Pilz, Sopran
Ingala Fortagne, Sopran
Andrea Köhler, Actress
Stephanie Schmiderer, Actress
Béla Bufe, Actor
Katharina Weinhuber, Dancer
Donka Angatscheva, Pianist

Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder

Masks: Atelier Chiarivari, Basel
Directed by Markus Kupferblum
Advisor: Ulla Pilz


Brick 5

Fünfhausgasse 5

1150 Vienna

6.11., 7.11. and 9.11.2014, 20h, 


an Invitation by the Köchel Society in

Kloster Und close to Krems

on the

8.11. at 20h