An exciting and wonderful 2014!

Dear friends and companions,


first of all I wish you a very happy, successful and exciting new year!


I am glad that our opera "Der Kaiser von Atlantis" had been received so well in Vienna, after its success in New York City.


It was the 5th production of my new young company "Schlüterwerke" in only one year and I thank everybody who made it possible that this small being is striding in such large paces already after such a shot period of time. Above all I am grateful to the artists, also to my assistants and collaborators Johanna Jonasch, Heike Sunder Plaßmann, Lena Arends and the many lucky spirits who are visible or hidden and inspire our work like Ulla Pilz, Lydia Mischkulnig, Renald Deppe, Thomas Haffner, Jury Everhartz and Andreas Stadler.


Before going to Puno at the Titicaca Lake to teach a masterclass at the "Conclave Cultural del Altiplano 2014" in Puno there are some events that take place in Vienna to which I invite you heartly.

I am glad, if you continue to appreciate my work and to take a glimpse at it from time to time.


„The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution – the story of the Commedia dell’Arte as Political Popular Theatre“, Facultas Editor, Vienna


After more than two years of research and writing I proudly present my book about theatre, Commedia dell'Arte and my work, illustrated by Linde Waber, who produced these drawings especially for this book.

It is called

The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution - the Commedia dell'Arte as political popular theatre

You can order it right now at Amazon or directly at the editor and you will receive it before christmas.

The official presentation will take place on 12. January 2014 at 3 pm at the "Theatermuseum", Lobkowitzplatz 2, 1010 Vienna.

Linde Waber will exhibit her drawings,  o.Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Roessler of the "Max Reinhardt Seminar" will talk with me about theatre, Renald Deppe will play clarinet, Anita and Hans Nittnaus will serve wine from their win-yards and I will present masques of the Commedia by Amleto Sartori and Carlo Setti.

I thank everybody who supported me writing this book, especially Lydia Mischkulnig, Dr. Dinah Marin-Surkes and Johanna Jonasch, as well as my lector Andreas Deppe, Mag. Sabine Kruse and Mag. Thomas Stauffer of facultas.

„Winter Journey - a forced march“, 16.-26.1.2014, 20h, Brick 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna


The next Capriccio of my new founded music theatre ensemble "Schlüterwerke" deals with Schubert's song cycle "Winterreise - Winter journey", which we will confront with Hitlers battle of Stalingrad against the soviet troops he was loosing exactly 70 years ago.
The loneliness and the desires of the soldiers will come to life through the poems of Wilhelm Müller as well as Miklós Radnóti, a hungarian poet who had been shot during a forced march in 1944. His poems had been found in his jacket after his corps had been disinterred.
We play the music by Schubert and the transcriptions of Franz Liszt


Ulla Pilz, Soprano

Ingala Fortange, Soprano

Andrea Köhler, Actress

Stephanie Schmiderer, Actress

Bela Bufe, Actor

Katharina Weinhuber, Dance

Donka Angatschewa, Piano


Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder

Masks: Atelier Chiarivari, Basel

Director: Markus Kupferblum


Press: MMag. Martina Theissl

Production: Johanna Jonasch

Research assistant: Ulla Pilz


Opening night: 16. January 2014, 20h

Shows on 17., 18., 19., 24., 25. and 26. January at 20h


Brick 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna


On 24.1. Robert Streibel will talk with me about the battle of Stalingrad after the performance.


"European Theatre Day for Tolerance", 1st February 2014


On 1st February the third „European Theatre day for Tolerance“ is going to take place in more than 800 theaters worldwide. Last year I founded this initiative together with Bernd C. Sucher and Gabriele Welker to oppose rising racism and antisemitism in Europe. All important theatres like the Austrian National Theatre „Burgtheater“, the "Theatre de Rond Point" in Paris, the „Gärtnerplatztheater“ in Munich, the „Komische Oper Berlin“, all Swedish theatres or the National Theatre in Bruxelles will support this initiative, and we will also read the Memorandum at our opening night in New York City of course. Actors or directors will read the Memorandum I have written on this occasion before the performance. You find this text on my homepage in 4 languages.



I am reading a memorandum that will be read today in most theatres across Europe in the local language prior to the performance:
Today is 1st February 2014. Two years ago today in Budapest, one of the largest theaters in the city came under the leadership of a man who for many years professed racist and xenophobic ideas. Since that day, plays that promote such views are shown in this theater, which is subsidized by public funds. The emergence of such a far right theater is an important symbol of the revival of xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism in Europe. Not only in Hungary movements of this type are more and more successfull. This is why we should commit ourselves in our own country and lives to tolerance, diversity and solidarity for the weaker members of our society. We are dismayed that political forces are at work in many European countries stirring up hatred, contempt and envy between people. Our intention with our theatre work is to overcome the divisive factors in our societies, to spark curiosity and to sharpen people’s senses for social truths – for the common good of all people, for peace and freedom in Europe. After all, we human beings are all free and equal in dignity and in rights; we are all citizens of one and the same world.Today is 1st February 2014. Let us join together today to celebrate the third “European Theatre Day for Tolerance.”

Crowd Funding, ideas to finance our work


Crowd Funding creates the possibility to support our projects financially and thereby help us to work independently from government subventions.
Donations are requested, extremely helpful and welcome any time.

Our account number is: IBAN AT082011131003100735 BIC GIBAATWWXXX account name: “Totales Theater”.
Please fill in “Crowd Funding” as purpose of payment.


Thank you very much!


Markus Kupferblum