Der Kaiser von Atlantis, Viktor Ullmann, Vienna

Dear friends and companions,


Saturday is the opening night of our New York production of "Der Kaiser von Atlantis" at the Maria Theresien Kaserne, an original Nazo Army base, in Vienna.


This opera, which had been conceived at the KZ Theresienstadt, is a coproduction with "Opera Moderne", New York and my Opera Company "Schlüterwerke" in Vienna.


The singer cast of New York will also be singing in Vienna, the dancers Silke Grabinger and Pavel El Hamalawi will do the dance of the living deads and the Klangforum Wien will play under the conducting of Rossen Gergov.


At the opening night we are expecting Dr. Heinz Fischer, the President of Austria, and Rudolf Gelbard, a survivor of the Concentration Camp Theresienstadt, who will talk to the public. The opening night is sold out completely.


There are tickets available for the 2.12. and the 3.12.2013 at 20h.

Please reserve now:


This production has been supported by the City of Vienna, the Austrian Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Defense, Austrian Airlines, the National Fund and the Future Fund and the ACFNY.

Thanks also to Mag. Andreas Stadler, Rebecca Greenstein, Dr. Sven Hartberger, Dr. Thomas Haffner, the piano maker Bernhard Balas, Renald Deppe, Jury Everhatz and my whole team.


More information at www.schlü


I hope to see you there!


All the best


Markus Kupferblum


PS: Finally my book about the Commedia dell'Arte will appear before christmas!!! I will send you the exact dates of its presentation next week!


Orchester:                                                 Klangforum Wien

Conductor                                                  Rossen Gergov

Stage direction:                                        Markus Kupferblum



Kaiser Overall (Emperor Overall)        Vince Vincent

Der Lautsprecher (Loudspeaker)        Kelvin Chan

Ein Soldat (A soldier)                            James Baumgardner

Harlekin (Pierrot)                                   Brian Downen

Bubikopf (A maiden)                             Gan-ya Ben-gur Akselrod

Der Tod (Death)                                     Joseph Beutel

Der Trommler (Drummer girl)             Elspeth Davis


Choreographie, Dance:                        Silke Grabinger, Pavel El Hamalawi


Costumes:                                               Angela Huff

thanks to Ingrid Leibezeder

Stage design:                                          Hans Kudlich