Newsletter Autumn 2013

Dear friends and companions,


September I will be in Teheran to continue my work with the Paradata Theatre. This collaboration is a "heart project" of mine and I will keep you posted about our productions there. I also proceed in my attempt to stage the Magic Flute in Teheran.


Memory of the so-called "Reichskristallnacht" of the 9.11.1938


Back in Vienna in Autumn I will show with my recently founded music theatre company „Schlüterwerke“ a number of small productions to memorate the so-called „Reichskristallnacht“ of the 9.11.1938.


"Stars without sky" by Tanja Watoro, Brick 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna, 1.10. until 4.10.2013, 20h


In October we will present a wonderful production by Tanja Watoro an her bolivian „Tariy Teatro“. „Stars without sky“ is a story of a young lady who tells the life of her grandfather, whe had been killed at Steinhof in Vienna by the Nazis. When I saw this production in Bolivia this April, I had the gig desire to bring this piece to Vienna. Through the help of Thomas Haffner this wish will be fullfilled!


"CENSORED! The three from the filling station“, Brick 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna, 10.10. until 13.10.2013, 20h


Also in October we will show „CENSORED! The three from the filling station“, directed by Mathias Spohr, whom I have met working at the Vienna State Opera in 1988... it is a new live sound version of this famous movie, which had been one of the most successful early sound movies in Germany before the war. Nevertheless it had been forbidden by the Nazis in 1937 since jews had been contributing to this movie.

Our production will show the consequeces of censorship.


"Der Kaiser von Atlantis", Viktor Ullmann, Maria Theresia Army Base, Vienna


End of November we will show in Vienna the opera „Der Kaiser von Atlantis“ by Viktor Ulllmann, which I have directed for Rebecca Greenstein’s „Opera Moderne“ in New York City in November 2012. Due to its big success it had a second run in February 2013.

Ullmann, who composed this opera in Theresienstadt had been killed in Auschwitz and was never able to listen to this piece himself. In 1975 the score had been discovered by accident at the attic of a house in Amsterdam, where it has been performed for the first time.

We will perform this opera in Vienna at the Gymnasium of the "Maria Theresia Army Base", which had been erected under the Nazi dictatorship. The Austrian Army is supporting this production, as well as several government institutions and ministries.


„The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution – the story of the Commedia dell’Arte as Political Popular Theatre“, Facultas Editor, Vienna


In November my book „The birth of curiosity out of the spirit of revolution – the story of the Commedia dell’Arte as Political Popular Theatre“ will be published in German at the Facultas editor, Vienna. The illustration were made by Linde Waber, who drew them during a Commedia show especially for this book. I will anounce the precise dates of its presentation.

I will be delighted to welcome you at one of these occasions.


Crowd Funding, ideas to finance our work


Crowd Funding creates the possibility to support our projects financially and thereby help us to work independently from government subventions.
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Markus Kupferblum