March 2013

Dear friends and companions,

Springtime is approaching and so do many different small initiatives and projects to which I am inviting you heartily.

Sincerely yours

Markus Kupferblum

The "Schl├╝terwerke" have arrived!

The first great news:

Together with many wonderful artists I am starting this month a new Music Theatre Company called „Schlüterwerke“, named after the novel „Three men in the snow – the lifelong child“ by Erich Kästner. We want to show entertaining and exciting music theatre productions which are accessible for everybody and follow the principle „pay as you wish“. This means that every spectator only pays as much as he wants and as much as he can afford.


The Bohemian Bible

Our first production is called the „Bohemian Bible“, which we will show on the 21.3. to the 24.3. at 19h in  in the „Strengen Kammer“ at the Porgy & Bess Jazz Club, Riemergasse 11, 1010 Vienna. The Libretto has been conceived by Lydia Mischkulnig and Sabine Scholl, who also wrote a novel with the same name. The music has been composed by Renald Deppe.
Ulla Pilz and Elisa Ueberschär, Johannes Steiner and Poseidon are singing. The musicians are Renald Deppe, Matija Schellander, Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber and Franziska Fleischanderl. Konrad Stania did the animations and Ingrid Leibezeder designed the costumes. Stefan Fuhrer made our graphic design.

The „Bohemian Bible“ is a adventerous journey of our young heroine, who slowly frees herself from any bondage. It is a surreal opera, which brakes all the rules and borders of dramatic arts. We will encounter flying cow-roosters, japanese decendents from an octupus or a money dwarf who spits gold, when he laughs... Bohemia lies at the sea shore, since Shakespeare and Ingeborg Bachmann... there our heroine finds her paradise...

To finance this project we try for the first time a crowd-funding platform.

Everybody can participate to support this project. Please do so!

Thomas Trenkler, "Time of losses"

On 11. March at 19h Thomas Trenkler will present his new book „Time of losses“ about the memory of the „Anschluss“ in 1938, where he wrote a chapter about my father and me. I will read at the presentation at the Austrian National Library, Josefsplatz 1, 1010 Wien.

The 70th birthday of the poet Bodo Hell

Together with Renald Deppe I will recite a Birthday song for Bodo Hell, the 70 years young poet, on 18.3. at the Galery Base Level in Vienna. Linde Waber will show paintings for Bodo’s birthday.


Linde Waber will make the illustrations of my book about the Commedia dell’Arte „The birth of the curiosity out of the spirit of revolution“, which will appear in autumn at the Facultas Edition in Vienna.

Neutral Mask Workshop

I will teach a Neutral mask workshop in Vienna from the 18.5. to the 21.5.2013.  This Workshop will be interesting for actors as well as singers and directors.

At last: Southamerica

In April I will teach at the National Acting School in Santa Cruz, Bolovia and will collaborate with the theatre company Yuyachkani in Lima, Peru. This is a wonderful theatre company which works since 40 years under very difficult circumstances and produces plays for the poor peruvian population. I am delighted to be invited to work with them!