Newsletter 1/2013

Dear friends and companions,


First of all I wish you a very happy new year, a lot of love and success.

I am starting the year with many new projects, some of them again in Vienna, but these I will only reveal in the next newsletter.


The wonderful fotos of "Kaiser von Atlants" in this newsletter were made by Sara L. Gamarro


Best regards,

sincerely yours


"Der Kaiser von Atlantis", Viktor Ullmann, Bohemian National Hall, New York City, 1st - 3rd February 2013


The 20th of January the opera „Kaiser von Atlantis“ by Viktor Ullman, which I have directed for the „Opera Moderne“ Company in New York City in November, has been broadcast at WWFM entirely. Although we have lost one whole week of rehearsals through „Sandy“, the hurricane, it had been received enthusiastically.

This is why we are presenting a second run from 1st until 3rd February at the Bohemian National Hall on 72nd street in New York City. The auditorium has only 370 seats, so reserve your tickets in advance.

Be heartily welcome!

"European Theatre Day for Tolerance", 1st February 2013

On 1st February the second „European Theatre day for Tolerance“ is going to take place in more than 600 theaters worldwide. Last year I founded this initiative together with Bernd C. Sucher and Gabriele Welker to oppose rising racism and antisemitism in Europe. All important theatres like the Austrian National Theatre „Burgtheater“, the „Gärtnerplatztheater“ in Munich, the „Komische Oper Berlin“, all Swedish theatres or the National Theatre in Bruxelles will support this initiative, and we will also read the Memorandum at our opening night in New York City of course. Actors or directors will read the Memorandum I have written on this occasion before the performance. You find this text on my homepage in 4 languages.


I am reading a memorandum that will be read today in most theatres across Europe in the local language prior to the performance:
Today is 1st February 2013.A year ago today in Budapest, one of the largest theaters in the city came under the leadership of a man who for many years professed racist and xenophobic ideas.Since that day, plays that promote such views are shown in this theater, which is subsidized by public funds.The emergence of such a far right theater is an important symbol of the revival of xenophobia, racism and anti-Semitism in Europe. Not only in Hungary movements of this type are more and more successfull. This is why we should commit ourselves in our own country and lives to tolerance, diversity and solidarity for the weaker members of our society.We are dismayed that political forces are at work in many European countries stirring up hatred, contempt and envy between people. Our intention with our theatre work is to overcome the divisive factors in our societies, to spark curiosity and to sharpen people’s senses for social truths – for the common good of all people, for peace and freedom in Europe. After all, we human beings are all free and equal in dignity and in rights; we are all citizens of one and the same world.Today is 1st February 2013. Let us join together today to celebrate the second “European Theatre Day for Tolerance.”