Newsletter September 2011

Dear friends and companions,

after a busy summer I hope to find you all well. There are some news.

The production "Die Blecharbeiter", which I conceived with the Brass band "Sonus Brass" from Dornbirn, Austria, in 2004 and which had received the award "Fang den Ton" by the Jeunesse Musicale in Vienna, has been performed far more often than 300 times in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Luxembourg. Now, due to family plans of a participant, we have to do a replacement in the production and make it fit for another 8 years...

But there are also some news in Vienna.

I hope to see you soon!

Sincerely yours

Markus Kupferblum

"La Battaglia di Constantinopel", Tintoretto - Schurig - PHACE

Inspired by a painting by Tintoretto which is exhibit in Venice and is showing a battle, which never took place, I direct a music theatre performance at the Museum of Fine Arts in Vienna. The text is based on the book Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo, the music is composed by Wolfram Schurig.

Performed by Patrick Seletzky, Robert Finster and the Ensemble for Contemporary Music PHACE. Costumes by Ingrid Leibezeder, Assitant director Tanja Regele.

The one and only performance will take place on the

21.9.2011 at 20h

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Burgring 2, 1010 Vienna

"Oskar Serti goes to the concert. Why?" Patrick Corillon, Klangforum Wien, Markus Kupferblum

After a preparation time of almost 2 years we will finally show the music theatrical installation "Oskar Serti goes to the concert. Why?" at the festival "Wien Modern" at the Vienna Konzerthaus. The answer to this question will take about 6 hours during which the Klangforum Wien will perform music by Olga Neuwirth, Georges Aperghis, Bernhard Lang, Beat Furrer, Bernhard Gander and many other very important contemporary composers, also a world premiere by Gerald Resch. I will direct the whole evening as a huge installation with the utmost variety of storytelling styles. The general concept was conceived by Sven Hartberger and Patrick Corillon, who also wrote the stories, made the visuals and contributed his poetic fantasy. Patrick Corillon is a belgian artist from Liège, who had not only exhibit his works in a solo exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, England, and decorated one hall of the Royal Castle in Bruxelles, but will also refurbish the Metró Station "Liège" in Paris, France.

The performance will take place the 5.11. and the 6.11.2011 at 18h at the Wiener Konzerthaus , the 27.11. at the Philharmonie in Luxemburg and the 28.12. at the Philharmonie in Cologne, Germany.

Since we may only sell 900 tickets the world premiere is unfortunately already sold out, but there are still some tickets for the 6.11.2011 in Vienna.