Newsletter Autumn 2010

"The secret of the mountain room - an alpine drama in 2 acts", with Netnakisum, Vienna, 15.11.-18.11.2010

The "Secret of the Mountain Room" is a Music Theatre Show, which will be performed by the wonderful and almost world famous string quatour "Netnakisum", which became known for its virtous and yet respectful way to cross the borders between Classics, Austrian Folk Music and American Commercial Music, and tells a breathtaking and moving story of love, struggle, happiness and death, nature, city life and steam trains.

The Secret of the Mountain Room will be revealed soon!

Violin: Magdalena Zenz
Viola: Marie-Theres Härtel
Cello: Linde Härtel
Stage: Hans Kudlich
Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder
Light Design: Werner Zotter
Conceived and directed by: Markus Kupferblum

Opening: 15.11.2010, 20h

Performances on the 16.11., 17.11. and 18.11.2010, 20h


Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Semperdepot

Lehargasse 6, 1060 Vienna

"Answer to a never written letter", Vienna, Austria, 2.12.-11.12.2010

The "Answer to a never written letter" is a play which I have conceived together with Pablo Ariel to the 100. anniversary of Gerszon Kupferblum, my father. Using the means of Object Theatre and Music Theatre we are treating the topics of Justice, Being a father, Being a son, Being jewish in the 20th century and the fighting itself.

The world premiere of this play took place at the Akko Festival in Israel on the 26.9.2010.

We will present this play in Vienna at the

Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Semperdepot,

Lehargasse 6, 1060 Vienna.

Opening night: 2.12.2010, 20h

we perform daily until the 11.12.2010 always at 20h.

Idea, Concept, Directing, Performing: Pablo Ariel und Markus Kupferblum

Puppetry: Efrat Hadani
Music : Renald Deppe
Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder
Space: Hans Kudlich
Light Design: Klaus Greif

This project is financed by the Nestroy Award, the Akko Festival and the Austrian Ministery of Foreign Affairs

"Secretaries", Opera Dortmund, Germany

After the successful opening on the 12th of September, you can visit our secretaries until end of mai 2011 at the Opera in Dortmund! The y will be glad to meet you!


starring Anke Briegel, Carina Sandhaus, Jeanette Claßen, Isabel Jasse, Keiko Matsumodo, Vera Fischer, Brigitte Schirlinger, Johanna Schoppa, Andrea Rieche and Dominik Freiberger

Choreography: Alexander Fend

Costumes: Ingrid Leibezeder

Stage: Hans Kudlich

Music: Michael Hönes

Directed by: Markus Kupferblum