Newsletter 04/2010

Dear friends and companions!

Finally the Film of our "Kafka" Production is ready and the presentation will be on the 12th of Mai.

Details see below.

The whole team did a wonderful job, especially Ewe Thell, who has edited the movie.

I have spent a very intensive time in Israel, preparing the play about my father, who would have his 100th birthday on April 21st... we are slowly getting there.

My homepage wizard is on the right track. The newsletter shows already one picture...

It is the poster of the Theatre Meeting in Istanbul. I love these meetings, they are exiting and have a very special and vibrating atmosphere.

I wish you all the best on your way to the summer!

Markus Kupferblum


Film "Before the Law" now on DVD!

The film of our production "Before the Law" which we have made in September 2009 at the Supreme Court of Austria is now ready and will be presented on the

12.May 2010 at 20h

in the

Salon 5

Fünfhausgasse 5

1150 Wien

Afterwards there will be drinks, food and a discussion!

You can get your copy there or by mailorder at

The film has english subtitles!



Pavel El Hamalawi
Martin Schwanda
Stephanie Schmiderer
Nenad Šmigoc
Alice Mortsch
Daniel Kamen
Thomas Simmerl
Ulla Pilz
Karsten Henschel
Rita Nikodim
Heidemaria Gruber
Stephan Bartunek
Anka Graczyk
Robert G. Neumayr
Reinhold Kammerer
Susanna Kellermayr
Eva Jankovsky
Ulrike Hübl
Robert Stuc

Markus Schöttl

Eva Maria Scholz

Elina Osorio


Extracello:    Edda Breit
Melissa Coleman
Margarethe Deppe
Gudula Leinfelder-Urban


Written and Directed by    Markus Kupferblum
Szenische Mitarbeit:    Hannan Ishay
Set:    Luise Czerwonatis
Costume:    Ingrid Leibezeder

Music:    Renald Deppe

Dramaturgy:    Kateryna Sokolova
Irene Brickner
Production Assistent:    Kathrin Hödl
Assistent to the director:    Katharina Kutil
Kateryna Sokolova
PR:    Milli Segal
Graphics:    Stefan Fuhrer


Film:    Ewe Thell, Reinhard Mayr, Markus Kupferblum

Kupferblum Portrait, Salon A, Berlin

On April 30th my work will be presented at the Salon A in Berlin

I will be there to discuss life and art and everything else....




Weisestraße 17

12049 Berlin

Keynote at the "European Off Theatre Meeting" Istanbul, 6.5. - 9.5.2010

I will hold a public lecture on the "Artistical and Finacial Situation of the Fringe Theatre in Europe" at the EON Meeting in Istanbul, which is hosting this European Theatre Meeting since it is European Cultural Capital 2010.

Be welcome to join this meeting!