Newsletter Springtime/2010

Dear friends and companions!

This newsletter comes from Buenos Aires, where I am preparing a play about my father who would turn 100 this year, which will have its opening on the 26th of September at the Ako Festival in Israel, in coproduction with Pablo Ariel and his Galilee Multicultural Theatre... The title is "Answer to a never written letter"

My homepage administrator is working day and night to resolve a technical problem that makes it impossible to place some wonderful pictures into my newsletter - as it has been possible before... but Buenos Aires is great and beautiful! I promise!


My best regards from the other side of the world!



"Dead Company", Linde Waber Retrospective, Leopold Museum, Vienna

On the 4th of March I will be reading texts by dead friends of Linde Waber: H.C. Artmann, Ernst Jandl, Elfriede Gerstl, Alois Vogel, György Sebestyén, Joe Berger, Rainer Pichler, Zoltàn Vér, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Hans Weigel.

Martin Siewert is going to contribute wonderful guitar and electronic music to this eveing, dedicated to the 70th birthday Retrospective of Linde Waber.


4. March 2010


Auditorium Leopold Museum

Museums Quartier


"It shalt be light..", Imago Dei Festival, Krems, Austria

together with Renald Deppe  I will present on the 28th of March a philosophical music programme about light:

Gesualdo di Venosa: luci serene e chiara (Augen, voll Licht und Klarheit)

Duke Ellington: I'm beginning to see the Light

L. P. Radin: Brüder, zur Sonne, zur Freiheit (Arbeiterlied)

Paolo Conte: Azzuro

Arnold Schönberg: Mondestrunken (aus "Pierrot Lunaire", Op.21)

Elements of Crime: Damals hintem Mond

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Licht (Auszüge aus "Sonntag", Oper in fünf Akten)

The Beatles: Here comes the Sun

Franz Schubert: Die Nebensonnen (aus "Winterreise", Op.89)

The Doors: Light my Fire

Paul Lincke: Glühwürmchen, Glühwürmchen, flimmre...


Markus Kupferbum: Moderation

Renald Deppe & Wachauer Pestbläser:
Martin Ptak: Posaune, Arrangements
Michael Bruckner: Guitarre, Arrangements
Gerd Rahstorfer: Trompete, Flügelhorn
Ali Angerer: Tuba, Hackbrett
Bernard Breuer: Drums
Renald Deppe: Saxophon, Klarinette, Arnagements, Moderation, Konzeption

Wolfgang Mitterer: Electronics

Anna Hauf: Mezzosopran

Agnes Heginger & Extracello


28th March





Kupferblum Portrait, Salon A, Berlin

On April 30th my work will be presented at the Salon A in Berlin

I will be there to discuss life and art and everything else....




Weisestraße 17, 12049 Berlin

"The Secret of The Mountain Room", Netnakisum, Tyrol, Vienna, Ireland

After Netnakisum's phenomenal tour through Ireland this February and their concert at the Vienna National Radio Gala on the 19th of February this year, I will not further hold back our upcoming project:


The "Secret of the Mountain Room" is a Music Theatre Show, which will be performed by the wonderful and almost world famous string quatour "Netnakisum", which became known for its virtous and yet respectful way to cross the borders between Classics, Austrian Folk Music and American Commercial Music, and tells a breathtaking and moving story of love, struggle, happiness and death, nature, city life and steam trains.

The Sectret of the Mountain Room will certainly be revealed in one of the next shows. Don't miss them.


Violin: Magdalena Zenz

Viola: Marie-Theres Härtel

Cello: Linde Gansch

Conceived and directed by: Markus Kupferblum

"Secretaries", Opera Dortmund, Germany

I am preparing a Musical Theatre Show for the Opera in Dortmund about the life and the passion of 9 secretaries and a clown.

The opening will be on September 12th 2010


Costume design: Ingrid Leibezeder

Stage Design: Hans Kudlich

Choreography: Alexander Fend

Musical Director: Michael Hönes

Stage Directior: Markus Kupferblum