Newsletter 10/2009

After the law...

Our performance series has finished and the echo is still being overwhelming.

More than 1000 people could witness this production series, but many more we had to refuse.

I am grateful to all participants, sponsors and everybody who contributed to this production, which encouraged my belief in a true "Ensemble Theatre", that aimes to find a unique, dramatical language in order to tell stories which are touching everybody in someway.

This project has been proving that these kinds of moments are being possible. The way to avoke such a strong and emotional impact on people is the big strength of theatre and always will be. My excellent company has been the safe and exiting basis for such a journey.

Thank you again everybody!






The Divine Voice

On the 6.11.2009 at 22h30 the production "The divine Voice" will have its opening at the Festival Linz 09 and Festival 4020 in Linz, Austria.

Alexandra Sommerfeld leads a dialogue with an absent god in the church of the Elisabethians in Linz, inspired by Jean Cocteau, accompagnied by G. Scelsi's  "3 Latin Prayers" sung by the Counter Tenor Bernhard Landauer and staged by myself...


Kupferblum takes his breakfast

In Autumn 2009 I will continue my breakfast series at the Salon 5, Fünfhausgasse 5, 1150 Vienna.

On the 11.10.2009 at 12h I will talk about the "East". It will be funny, political incorrect and highly unconventional....

Then, on the 8.11. I will prepare the next breakfast and will talk about "Lust"

You are as usual very welcome!


In October I am going to Albania to direct a Music Theatre Project with Balinese Masks together with the University of Dramatic Arts in Tirana - and I am continuing my teaching at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

"Oh shit!"

I proudly present the latest news: I am going to act in a movie called "Oh shit" on Murphy's Law and will be shown at the Austrian Television Network... we will shoot end of October... do not ask any questions, why they have hired me for this movie...

Herta Müller

The very latest news: Herta Müller has received the Nobel Prize of Literature today... somehow I seem to bring luck to writers... after having staged plays by Elfriede Jelinek and Harold Pinter, they also have received the Nobel Prize... ;))

In 2006 I directed a performance based on Herta Müller's works, in the Visual Concept of Veronika Barnas.