Newsletter 7/2009


Dear friends,

I hope, you are having a nice summer!

Last year was very productive and I have been in Paris, Armenia, Indonesia, USA, Israel and Germany. I was teaching a lot (Max Reinhardt Seminar, Bayrische Theaterakademie August Everding, University of Michigan, Haifa University and University of Vienna). I had a wonderful and touching meeting on the 20th anniversary of "Penthesilea", our first big production in Vienna, which showed me, how important and marking this enterprise was, even if it had been difficult and 5 numbers too large at the time....

In Vienna it is sunny and beautiful and I am working on different new productions. The preparation of the production "Before the law" is going very well. The mask exhibition at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna is being shown until end of September. The opera "The daughter of the regiment" at the opera Klosterneuburg, for which I have written the dialogs, is running successfully.

Sincerely yours


Before the law

A kafkaesk, theatrical essay on the austrian reality

We are creating a contemporary political musical theatre production to articulate our disapproval about the political development in Austria and in Europe. We will be dealing in the tradition of Franz Kafka with the terms of Justice, Law, Human Rights and Jurisprudence.

Since yesterday we have a special homepage , however in German, but it is possible to leave some comments on the political reality, which we will be using for our production.

The performances will be at the Supreme Court of Austria in the Justizpalast in Vienna, the opening will be on the 12.9.2009 at 19h30.

The Daughter of the Regiment, Donizetti

On July 26th we offer a special Children version of this opera at the Oper Klosterneuburg, which makes me very happy, since I am considering opera productions for children extremly important and amusing.

Kupferblum takes his breakfast

In September I will restart the performances "Kupferblum takes a breakfast" at the Salon 5, Fünfhausgasse 5,1150 Vienna. It will take place as usual once a month, and I will talk about one specific theme...

I will be serving word games, music and food...
Since this is an open format, what comes along to me very well, all breakfasts are unique, spontaneous, politically incorrect, entertaining and, well, wicked ...